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Take back control of your inbox and your day.

Beautiful, fast email apps designed around an ingenious new workflow to power up your inbox productivity and your daily focus like never before.

All-native Real IMAP – no third-party server to sync email

Get instant access to Mail Pilot 3 and the Slack community, and get Mail Pilot Discovery Edition when it’s released.


These featuresets are the groundbreaking reimaginations of email that Mail Pilot is known for. Every Mail Pilot app also features The Basics »


Mail Pilot is available in two different apps for macOS.

Introducing: Discovery Edition

Every so often, something comes along that makes us rethink everything. 6 years ago, we unveiled our reimagination of email. Now, we’re doing it all over again. We’re building our vision of the future of email on top of an incredible foundation — Mail Pilot 3 — and we’re making it exclusively available to Yacht Club members soon. Learn more about what's coming to Discovery Edition: the future of email.

Let's Get Focused

Mail Pilot’s latest reimagination of email brings features that completely change the game for those who want to spend less time managing their inbox and more time on the things that matter.


Importances are an incredibly powerful way to focus on the messages that matter throughout the day, and process less important stuff in batch less often.

There are three Importances: Notify, Batch, and Ignore. Each one does something special to add a powerful boost to your day.


The Today View is a striking new interface made possible by Importances. It puts your most important messages — as defined by you — right at your fingertips. Reading, catching up, and replying is a breeze.

All of your messages are shown with full previews that you can expand or quickly reply to inline.


Keep track of all your conversations, and see which are ongoing and which are complete.

See in which conversations you’re waiting for a reply from someone else, and see which conversations are waiting for a reply from you.

And more...

Click here to learn more about the Focus features.

Let's Get Organized

Mail Pilot’s original reimagination of email brought features now integral to the most productive workflow ever to tame the inbox.

Complete &

All emails have related tasks. So in Mail Pilot, messages arrive as incomplete, and stay that way even after you’ve read them.

When you’re done with the tasks related to a message, just mark it as complete. It’ll be instantly archived.


If you can’t complete a message right now, you can set a reminder. The message leaves your inbox to keep things clean, but notifies you when you need to act on it.

It’s perfect for bills, meetings, deliveries, and due dates.


Processing certain kinds of related messages in batch can be much faster. For that, use lists. Try lists like “Read Later” or “Waiting for Reply” or collect incoming job applications to review all at the same time.

Lists contain related messages from any of your accounts with both incomplete and completed messages.

And more...

Click here to learn more about the Organize features.

Let's Get Down To Basics

Mail Pilot comes standard with all the basics you'd expect, plus some you're going to start to.


Others’ advanced features are Mail Pilot’s basics. Mail Pilot has a unified inbox for all of your accounts, no matter how many. It supports all IMAP servers. It supports Markdown in compose and signatures.

Mail Pilot is all-native. No wrappers, using a web app as a desktop app, or anything like it. It is written in Swift, using the latest tools and technologies provided on macOS.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are non-negotiable. Mail Pilot never stores or transmits your emails or account credentials on a third-party server.

It’s that simple — pure, real IMAP. Between your device and your email server. That’s it.

Introducing: Yacht Club

When you join the Mail Pilot Yacht Club, you get so much more. The Discovery Edition is yours, home to all of our ideas on the future of email. Join us in the Yacht Club-exclusive Slack community for keynote watch parties, discussion on design, or getting the most out of Mail Pilot. Priority support, and all apps and upgrades included are somehow the least exciting of the perks.

Now Available: Mail Pilot 3 for macOS

The email app that started it all is back to raise the bar. With its productivity-pioneering features like reminders, incomplete and complete, lists, and set aside, packaged in a completely redesigned and re-engineered fully-native app for macOS, this is truly the most impressive Mail Pilot yet. Speed and reliability are at the core of Mail Pilot’s rennaisance. The macOS app is now available.