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Others' advanced features are Mail Pilot's basics.

The Basics features can be found
in every version of Mail Pilot.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are non-negotiable. Mail Pilot never stores or transmits your emails or account credentials on a third-party server.

It’s that simple — pure, real IMAP. Between your device and your email server. That’s it.

Read Mail Pilot's Privacy Policy for more »

All Native

Mail Pilot is all-native. No wrappers, using a web app as a desktop app, or anything like it. It is written in Swift, using the latest tools and technologies provided on macOS.

This means you'll get a first-class email experience on your Mac with an impressively high-performance, low-resource app.

Markdown Support

Use Markdown in compose and in your signatures to write your emails more quickly.

A live preview split pane shows you how your message will render, so you don't have to second-guess it.

Plus, you can even switch a Markdown draft to use the rich text editor with the click of a button.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A fan-favorite in Mail Pilot is its keyboard shortcuts. By showing the most important actions' shortcuts right on their buttons in Mail Pilot, every user can take advantage of the rapid processing power of Mail Pilot's keyboard shortcuts.

With Mail Pilot, every user becomes a power user. Now that's powerful.

Compatible with all IMAP

Mail Pilot works with all standard IMAP servers. It communicates directly from your device to your email server, never sending your emails or account credentials to or through a third-party server.

Unified Inbox

You have how many accounts?

No worries — add them all to Mail Pilot, and it'll unify all of your inboxes into one view.

Mail Pilot actually has unified views for lots of other stuff, too: Lists, Reminders, Set Aside, Drafts, Sent, Completed, and more.

Multiple Signatures

You be you. Whoever you want to be today.

Pick from any of your signatures for each outgoing email, and feel free to set defaults per-account to speed things along.


Now it's easier to kick off introductions or delegate an email's tasks to someone else.

Instead of hitting reply or forward and moving your first recipient to CC, just use the new Delegate button.

Light & Fast

Mail Pilot has been re-architected and re-engineered to be highly performant, with a very light footprint on your machine.

It uses very little disk space, RAM, and CPU, but it is incredibly fast — multiple times faster at syncing your inbox than any previous Mail Pilot app.

Want to know more? Read our Engineering Notes on our blog.

All the apps.

Every Mail Pilot app comes with all of these basics.