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A completely new future for email. Again.

Every so often, something comes along that makes us rethink everything. 6 years ago, we unveiled our reimagination of email. Now, we’re doing it all over again.

The Focus features are exclusive to Mail Pilot Discovery Edition, home to our vision of the future of email.

Watch the unveiling 

Your inbox isn’t as full as it seems.

Only some of what you receive you want to see right away and stay in view. A bunch of it you would be happier scanning through once or twice a day, without being bothered by it when you’re focusing on your most important work. And of course a bunch of it you never even read, but it always gets in the way. With Importances, Mail Pilot Discovery Edition understands this.

Introducing: Importances

Importances gives you unprecedented focus and control over your time. Every message you receive is categorized into one of three importances.

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Messages you want to see immediately when you receive them.


Messages you want to read regularly, but don’t need to see immediately.

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Messages you don’t read and that simply clutter your inbox.


For your most critical messages that you want to see as you receive them.

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These are the only messages that appear in the Today view, paving the way for unprecedented focus.

You receive notifications about these messages.

Messages you might want in Notify:

Conversations with co-workers, family, and friends.

Updates about packages and deliveries.

Critical updates from services you need to see quickly.


For messages you want to see regularly, but don’t need to see immediately.

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These messages stay silent and out of the way until you’re ready to process them in batch.

These messages are grouped by sender for faster, less frequent batch reading and processing.

Messages you might want in Batch:

Social notifications and other messages sent by services.

Newsletters you like to read regularly.

Noisy threads with lots of reply all abuses.


For messages you don’t want to see on a daily basis.

These messages stay silent and out of the way.

If you do want to go through these messages, they are grouped by sender for faster processing.

Messages you might want in Ignore:

Newsletters whose coupons you might want, but whose daily emails you don’t want to read.

Alerts and newsletters you want to keep your eye on over time, but that you don’t want to read daily.

Senders that you’ve unsubscribed from.

Real Intelligence Only.

The problem with using an artificial intelligence "black box" to decide how our messages should be categorized is that it won't always do what we would have wanted. We're left constantly checking multiple tabs to make sure nothing important slipped through the cracks.

Mail Pilot lets you dictate how your emails should be categorized. It starts you off with some great defaults according to your preferences, and it gives you super intuitive controls to quickly recategorize any thread, sender, domain, or type of email.

By using real intelligence only, you won't have to worry about important messages getting lost somewhere where they shouldn't be. And you can ensure that each of your Importances has the emails you want, regardless of their origin or type; for example, while you probably want most transactional messages in Batch, there might be some you want in Notify, and while you probably want most conversations in Notify, there might be some you want in Batch.

With Mail Pilot Discovery Edition with Importances, you get to decide.

Meet Conversations

A source of mystery in email is where your conversations currently stand. Get perfect visibility of your conversations in Mail Pilot.

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See all of your conversations, and get instant visibility on which are ongoing versus complete, and which are waiting for your response or your recipient's response.

It’s a powerful new way to make sure you know the status of every conversation in your email, and keep up with your relationships & opportunities.